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Latest Message: 1 week, 6 days ago
  • Sven : 😉
  • too-odd : Sven you cheeky sod!
  • Sven : ?still warming up?
  • Sven : Hi Too-Odd great being able to listen to the good stuff again. Pure Ear Candy.
  • too-odd : yeh yeh yeh. jammin!!!!
  • Minxy : Tuuuune
  • Tj hooker : I love this
  • Pixie : Amazing music!!!!!!!
  • Too-odd : I've always dreamed of being a coral farmer thank you Obama, you are so generous.
  • Barack Obama : My top 10 radio shows, somehow even better than songbird.fm as a price you will receive an acre of coral farm of the coast of Hawaii.
  • too-odd : yo , who deh?
  • guest_6501 : any probs ..refresh page and press play again
  • guest_6501 : hello everybody
  • Yo : Just getting set up
  • Yo : Coming soon!
  • Studio : Welcome to our BETA chat feature. Our broardcast begins shortly. To give feedback on this chat feature, send it to chat-feedback@radio4a.org.uk. Please be nice to each other.

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