About radio4A


Radio 4A has been broadcasting in and around Brighton since 1996, and even before then in different guises. We are now an internet station, available 24/7/365 and we broadcast live every second weekend of the month, from Friday teatime to Sunday evening.

We also take part in local festivals and put on occasional parties. We run on donations of time and equipment from our participants. We run no advertising. We have no target audience and no political affiliations.

Please check our Facebook page for details of Live Weekends and other Events.

Here is our Manifesto:

  • To create and broadcast a space in a stifling world where our voices are not heard and where the media is tightly controlled.
  • To be independent from media and art where every word is bought and sold, by offering something for free.
  • To broadcast programmes, communicate and explain events, as they occur, without being censored.
  • To raise questions and provide information in a politically controlled world, undermining the power of the controllers.
  • To provide an alternative to mainstream media culture and what they hold sacred; having fun whilst not taking ourselves too seriously.
  • To provide a real community radio for Brighton.
  • To give accurate current accounts of local and global political events.
  • Because we are, like you, real people who make mistakes in a "perfect" world represented by businessmen, politicians and professionals saturated with information and a media that says nothing.
  • Something to listen to ... because the silence is deafening.

We offer music of every style and form as well as a variety of speech-based programmes including indymedia, 'real' news, alternative and sustainable politics, comedy and departures from 'normal' radio such as guided mediation to relax and feed the spirit. We aim to raise awareness on sustainable and fair alternatives to mainstream economics and politics. We also play brilliant music all day and night from our extensive singles library and archived live shows. We are a collective of DJs, musicians, poets, storytellers, rappers, rabble rousers, ranters and ravers doing our thing because we love it and we hope you do too.

Something to listen to ... because the silence is deafening.

If you would like to contribute or guest on Radio 4A please get in touch via our Facebook page or email radio4abrighton@gmail.com. Thanks!

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