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Neil Hart

Neil was born and raised in the Midlands, but has lived in Sussex since 2005, and in Brighton since 2015. With a background in engineering and IT, he's no stranger to all things "techie".  In more recent years, he's come to accept that, he's the wrong height for his weight.  Failing to find a way to grow taller, he can often be found on a Saturday morning, in Preston Park, taking part in the weekly Parkrun, in an attempt to shed a few pounds.  To summarise, he describes himself as, a lifelong geek, chubby athlete, director of a web design company, and head beekeeper in his own beekeeping business.

It was quite by accident, that he heard that Radio 4A were looking to update their website. The initial meeting between him and the lovely Katie B went really well, and work was started on the re-design. This culminated with the launch, coinciding with the station's monthly live weekend, in August 2018.

Neil was made to feel so welcome, that he's thrilled to now be considered a member of the team.

Web design


Neil Hart (webmaster) at Radio 4A
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