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Andrew - Family Lazer Show

Family Lazer Show — Saturday

Family Lazer is a long standing member of the Radio 4A outfit, initially spinning tunes for the station at undisclosed locations around Brighton and Hove in 2004. His interest in records began in the early 80's when buying Ska and Pop from the late, great Woolworth's. But with the advent of the the Breakdance craze, he realised his love of electronic dance music after hearing the likes of Herbie Hancock - Rockit and buying the Street Sounds Electro compilations. House music and the UK dance scene naturally made a lot of sense to him several years later, and combining those influences and rooting through stacks of records over the years, you can now hear him blend a smorgasbord of Electronica, Disco, Sounds and Spoken word, House, Funk, Soul and so on...
Bembom Brothers at Radio 4A

Bembom Brothers — Saturday

This cheeky DJ duo from Brighton will hit you with their own unique back 2 back style crossing genres and eras.

Dropping everything to get the place jumping, bumping, party pumping, in a mother funking style and fashion.

You know when the BemBom Brothers are in town... Hold tight and get ready for the ride!

Check us out on Facebook and Instagram for impromptu live gigs with Special Guests and friends in unusual places and spaces.
DJ Youri at Radio 4A

Carl — Friday

Biography coming soon.
Caz at Radio4A

Caz — Friday

Biography coming soon.
Charlie Brown at Radio4A

Charlie Brown — Saturday

Biography coming soon.
Chris Havexx at Radio4A

Chris Havexx — Sunday

Reggae, Roots, Dancehall, Revival, Ska, R&B, Rare Groove, Funk, Soul and Afrobeats.
Colmando — Saturday

Colmando — Saturday

Biography coming soon.
Dave Liteyear — Saturday

Dave Liteyear — Saturday

Biography coming soon.
Roberta Slack — Friday

Roberta Slack — Friday

"Slacktivism" on Radio4A, featuring Roberta Slack... inspiring speech mixed with beautiful beats and kick-ass tunes from many genres. Tune in, Turn on, Rise up...

Gaz Fisher at Radio 4A

Gaz Fisher — Saturday

Reframing the reality of music in a positive light.

Playing records since being able to reach a turntable, twenty one year veteren underground dance music DJ, event organiser, humerous Northener, sound system operator and former World Middleweight powerlifting champion playing Detroit techno, drum and bass, reggae, dub and jungle through the medium of inscribed modulated spiral grooves, mostly.

Every second Saturday of the month at 2pm or 1400hrs GMT if yer posh.
Ian B at Radio 4A

Ian B — Saturday

A vinyl junkie for many years, Ian's show will always have an eclectic mash up of styles and beats per minute. Soul, Jazz, Latin, Brazilian, Funk, Disco, Boogie, Hip Hop, and the occasional left field toe dip.
Katie B at Radio 4A

Katie B — Made Up Radio Show

Influenced by my dad’s passion for music, I first got into putting tapes together with him from the Radio 1 Top 40 on a Sunday teatime in the mid 70s. I kind of think of this as my first attempts at selecting a set. And it hasn’t really stopped since then!

Many phases passed in the meantime but these days I’ve landed around the jazz, jazz funk, rare groove, boogie and disco mark with a dash of world sounds and modern classical / electronica thrown in for good measure. To me there’s only taste, no right nor wrong in music and I try to keep an open mind. If it’s good, it’s good.

So, here’s to sharing music and bringing people together. Hope you enjoy my show.

Girl On at Radio 4A

Girl On — Sunday

Music and Radio are intrinsically entwined in my world. From hiding under the sheets with an old transistor, listening to Radio1 and pirate stations, to recording spoof radio shows to send to a friend in Canada.

I spent the 1980s bouncing around to local bands to hosting ‘nights’ at art school. In the 90’s the Zap Club was a second home. Then, Radio 1 commissioned me to make some reports and I have had my head amongst the air-waves ever since.

Dabbling as a DJ with my partner in crime Sister G, we played out in Brighton for around 10 years and hosted our own night as GirlOnGirl.

I love the sounds of summer, insects buzzing, the breeze in the trees, water rippling on the shoreline. As ‘GirlOn’ (Sister G has semi-retired)  my current show ‘Poolside Tunes’ features the glorious sounds of Alex Reece to Junior Murvin and Frankie Knuckles to andhim. There will be some surprises along the way with guest sessions and the occasional blast of punk rock.  Bringing a little ‘fuel injected’ sunshine to your Sundays.
DJ ILLSon — The Beat Goes On

DJ ILLSon — The Beat Goes On

DJ ILLSon is the brainchild behind ‘The Beat Goes On’ at Dead Wax Social Brighton every month and also founder and head honcho of Sound Surgery Records founded in 1999.

ILLSon started his DJ career back in 1988 playing Hip-Hop and Electro beats, then progressing to electronic beats as music evolved. ILLSon has also released various tracks, and signed for Pias records, quality control recordings, pranged records and more before starting his own label Sound Surgery records releasing records under pseudonyms Dr’s of funk (Dr Prozak), The Avanjelist, Skinny Asthmatics & D-Committee. Now ILLSon DJs in Brighton (Berlin-Brighton, TBGO, Guest mixes on Juice FM & Code South, Artista studios) but best of all his monthly show on Radio4a ‘The Beat Goes On Radio show’.

Tune in on Sundays for an eclectic journey through his vinyl archives, past, present and new, but just playing great tunes from all genres…think Giles Peterson meets Wu Tang meets James Brown, Jeff Mills and Pink Floyd in the same room!


Mixcloud: https://www.mixcloud.com/Drillson Facebook https://www.facebook.com/ILLSonDJ

The Beat Goes on:

Website http://thebeatgoeson-brighton.weebly.com

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/thebeatgoesonbrighton
Matt Jammy — Saturday

Matt Jammy — Saturday

Matt Jammy has been with Radio 4A for sometime now gracing the decks and greeting his audience in his own unique way. Initially started playing his special blend of afro beat and afro funk. He's gone through some varied and interesting genres since then, keeping the listener intrigued to see what he will come up with next!

He started DJing way back in 2003 originally spinning heavy weight dub rhythms in small clubs and pubs around Brighton. He's played varied venues with his now unique Matt Jammy blend of interesting and always danceable tuneage...
Mitch at Radio 4A

Mitch — Saturday

Mitch has been spinning tunes for Radio4A for a couple of years, presenting an early Saturday afternoon slot filled with Motown, funk, soul and a sprinkling of eighties pop. Off the radio, Mitch is just as likely to be listening to Industrial Metal, electro and movie soundtracks, as he loves to keep it eclectic.
Nick Good

Nick Good

Biography coming soon.
Rosco at Radio 4A

Rosco — Sunday

Rosco playing downbeat upbeat future retro vinyl oddities for Sunday listening. Enjoy x
Sergio Montpellier at Radio4A

Sergio Montpellier — Friday

Sergio likes an eclectic mix, leaning towards the jazzy, funky, sleazy and avant-garde. A regular participant in the Brighton club and festival scene in the late 90’s, DJ’ing in backrooms and doing visuals for stages, dance floors, chill out room and parties. Labels he likes amongst many are: Blast First, 4AD, Finger Licking, Ninja Tunes, Tresor, Blue Note, On U Sound, Cherry Red, occasionally mixed with the odd bit of social commentary.
Todd Too Odd at Radio4A

Too-Odd — Friday

Definition of Funk: music that combines elements of rhythm and blues and soul music and that is characterized by a percussive vocal style, static harmonies, and a strong bass line with heavy downbeats.

Definition of Freak: an imperfect coin, undetected at the mint and put into circulation. Philately. a stamp differing from others of the same printing because of creases, dirty engraving plates, etc.

Forget about definitions (especially the freak one) Too-Odd plays all kinds, world music to hip hop via breakbeats and jazz. It's more about the idea of us all liking great music and getting down to it and that making the world "a freakin funkier place" because we're all too busy feeling it.

Catch him on the second Friday of the month on 4A, and the first Friday of the month at midnight on http://1btn.fm/ which is on 101.4 fm (that used to be our old frequency when we were pirates.)

Lastly if you feel the desire you can catch up with too-odd at:



Tommo at Radio 4A

Tommo Boing — Friday

Tommo Clubley (aka Tommo Boing) is a musician https://www.facebook.com/tommoclubleymusic/ https://tommoclubley.bandcamp.com/ https://soundcloud.com/tommo-clubley and a Don Bradman https://thedonbradmans.bandcamp.com https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkMEIp-CIaS2LPIRnLWqNhw. He can also just about drop a needle on a record, press play and in between tell you who made it. Sometimes. As such he is the presenter of The Sonic Fauna Show on Radio 4A, which is really a selection of tunes from the diverse and ever changing musical universe that he thinks you might like.
Vicky Ramsey at Radio 4A

Vicky Ramsey — Saturday

Biography coming soon.
What the papers don't say at Radio 4A

What The Papers Don't Say

What the Papers Don't Say is Radio4A's long running anarchic chat and music show, an independent and informative collaboration hosted by Judge Mental and Captain Swing, where you might actually get to know something about what's going on in this iration. Xxx
Ziggy at Radio4A

ZiggyZigAh — Sunday

ZiggyZigAH plays music from all genres ranging from 70's, 80's rock, rockabilly, punk to techno and everything else in between including unsigned bands.

She also plays as ZiggyZigJah playing ska, reggae, dancehall and dub.

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