A little bit about

Girl On

Music and Radio are intrinsically entwined in my world. From hiding under the sheets with an old transistor, listening to Radio1 and pirate stations, to recording spoof radio shows to send to a friend in Canada.

I spent the 1980s bouncing around to local bands to hosting ‘nights’ at art school. In the 90’s the Zap Club was a second home. Then, Radio 1 commissioned me to make some reports and I have had my head amongst the air-waves ever since.

Dabbling as a DJ with my partner in crime Sister G, we played out in Brighton for around 10 years and hosted our own night as GirlOnGirl.

I love the sounds of summer, insects buzzing, the breeze in the trees, water rippling on the shoreline. As ‘GirlOn’ (Sister G has semi-retired)  my current show ‘Poolside Tunes’ features the glorious sounds of Alex Reece to Junior Murvin and Frankie Knuckles to andhim. There will be some surprises along the way with guest sessions and the occasional blast of punk rock.  Bringing a little ‘fuel injected’ sunshine to your Sundays.

Girl On at Radio 4A
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