A little bit about

Family Lazer

Family Lazer is a long standing member of the Radio 4A outfit, initially spinning tunes for the station at undisclosed locations around Brighton and Hove in 2004.

His interest in records began in the early 80's when buying Ska and Pop from the late, great Woolworth's. But with the advent of the the Breakdance craze, he realised his love of electronic dance music after hearing the likes of Herbie Hancock - Rockit and buying the Street Sounds Electro compilations.

House music and the UK dance scene naturally made a lot of sense to him several years later, and combining those influences and rooting through stacks of records over the years, you can now hear him blend a smorgasbord of Electronica, Disco, Sounds and Spoken word, House, Funk, Soul and so on...

Andrew - Family Lazer Show
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