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radio 4A is broadcasting in both senses of the word; we offer music of every style and form as well as a variety of speech-based programmes including indymedia, 'real' news, alternative and sustainable politics, comedy ...and departures from 'normal' radio such as guided mediations to relax and feed the spirit.

Roberta Slack

radio 4A is a community; once a month (and various times in-between) we go live for the weekend from secret locations and home grown studios in Brighton and beyond. (see monthly schedule). D.J.s, musicians, poets, storytellers, rappers, rabble rousers, ranters and ravers from the radio 4A collective doing their thang from Friday evening to Sunday night. We love it! Hope you do too. If you would like to contribute or guest on radio 4A please get in touch. Our weekly schedule offers local and global news and documentaries on environmental and humanitarian issues; we aim to raise awareness on sustainable and fair alternatives to mainstream economics and politics. We also play brilliant music all day and night from our extensive singles library and archived live shows.

See the weekly schedule for programme listings. Some programmes are also available to download. We also have MySpace and Mixcloud sites.

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radio 4A is a no budget radio station; it runs on donations of time and equipment from the participants. We run no advertising. We have no target audience and no political affiliations.

Our downloads are hosted by Razorsmile, so a big thank you to them.

If you want to be a broadcaster, all you need is a broadband connection and a couple of free downloads, plus the dedication to make it happen every week and to help with a bit of publicity. Or, you might want to help in some other way.

Please check our links for further information on stuff we are involved with and / or support such as frack-off